Florida's First Pro Wrestling Dinner Theater

Certificate of Excellence 2017

Manor Pro Wrestling Dinner Theater

A dining adventure like no other!
The Experience

​​​Manor Professional Wrestling Dinner Theater delivers wrestling with class and character in a unique, professional way. Our independent wrestling promotion provides tourist, local fans and groups with professional wrestling entertainment, as they enjoy great eats from the Manor Kitchen. Manor Professional Wrestling Dinner Theater is proving itself as the new era of dinner show delight. Manor’s entertainment brings a traditional dinner show adventure up to the next level.

The History of Dinner Theater

In Twenty-Twelve The Manor was built to honor, the Manor Medallion. Lady Golden Eyes used the Manor to entertain the people of her Gold Village. To thank them for their good deeds, she would invite the best talent from around the world to perform for them. But across the river, lived Lord Darkness. He was always jealous of Lady Golden Eyes, so he took it upon himself, to cast a spell upon the Manor. Because of this, half of the performers of the Gold Village were turned evil. A battle is going to take place between the good & the evil for the Manor Medallion. Following the disappearance of Lady Golden Eyes and the exile of Lord Darkness, the villages have crumbled and now every warrior is for themselves. It is up to you, to encourage your favorite warriors, and may the best one win.....​​

Manor Aftermath Theater
 2018 Show Dates Coming Soon!

The Great feast has ended and both villages have battled to the wounds of near death and only one warrior arisen victories, but those that have fallen in defeat have turned on Manor and their kind. They are in hunger for the prestigious Manor Medallion and its keeper. The defeated have overturned the Lord of the Manor and the Manor is now controlled by the outcast causing the Manor Aftermath. The keeper of the Manor Medallion must stand their ground as this is the last hope to restore the Manor and the Honor of the Medallion. Join us for the aftermath to restore the Honor!

The History of Aftermath Theater
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Manor Dinner Theater

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Manor Dinner Theater
 2018 Show Dates Coming Soon!

Honored Guest,

Pardon our delay for posting our 2018 dates, as we are excited about the NEW location for Manor Professional Wrestling Dinner Theater.  We will be announcing in the few months, then we will post all dates for 2018 and we look forward to seeing you at the show.  At this time we are only booking private events.  Please visit the private event link above for more information.

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